2011 kx450f exhaust options?

So I have a 2011 kx450f with stock exhaust. I love the bike but not a fan of the 3 foot muffler hanging way out past my number plate. Looking for a new slip on that is more tucked behind the number plate. Is there such a pipe? All after market pipes I've seen are still pretty long. Any ideas? Pics if you have a pipe on yours? Thanks guys

Oh and I know they are longer to make it quit. I don't want a pipe to make it any louder. I would like a spark arrestor insert also if possible for when I go to the sand dunes here.

I have dr.d on my 2011 and love it. Hopefully pic works.

i have the fmf factory 4.1 on my 2011 IMG_0682.jpg

How do you like the FMF? That's more what I was leaning towards. The new 4.1rct

I like it the one I have dose not have a spot for the spark arrestor and it is loader than stock but I also have the mega bomb

I know with the full system I would need to have in tuned cause it would be too lean. What about just the slip on muffler? Still need tuned you think?

U don't need a tune the fuel injection will some what tune it's self I didn't tune my bike and I have a high comp piston and full exhaust it runs perfect now with that said I probably am not get the full potential that my motor has I'm sure if I got a tune I would gain a little more horse power

i have a full ti5r pro circuit system on mine and love it! but no sparky. i dont ride dunes thou. its louder than stock but sounds more solid if that makes any sense.

Can you post some pics of the system?

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1378479451.889341.jpg

MRD simply the best 6 month crash warranty and under 500 dollars i tried fmf,pro circut ti5 and a few others the MRD out performed them all.

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