Hi throwing this out there anyone have or owned a 1999 honda cr125 what was the best oils you used in the gearbox and 2 stroke pre mix im thinking Castrol power1 2T for pre mix and Putoline light gear oil for gear box any suggestions i ask this because i am new to this bike not having used a 125 before and after many hours of rebuilding this bike i do not want it to go bang in any way thanks 

I've always used Honda hp2 premix and Honda HP trans oil in my 2 strokes with

Good results.

If you try a search you will find thousands of threads asking this very question.  The "best" seems highly subjective based a lot on opinion and anectdotal evidence.  In the end, the best it what fits within your budget and works best for you.


I like ATF in my trans and have had good luck with Maxima Super M.  

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