RM80 ratio

I've been running 32:1 in my GFs '01 RM80 and it feels too boggy for me. I'm going to try some 40:1 and see if that clears it up. It just doesn't have the snap it should. Might be a jetting issue, I'll get into that if I can't clear it up with the premix. Thing I'd ask to see what the general consensus was on the ratio for these bikes...so, whatcha running? We ride woods, no MX. Thanks.

As many have asked before: do a search on premix. I will tell you this if you're running 32:1 in the bike and it feels boogy/is making spooge/ etc. then you have a jetting issue. 2strokes are all the same (basically) weather it be a 50 or a 500. Jet the bike for the premix you run not the other way around, for the simple fact if you lean it out more gas less oil and its a pilot jet issue then you are starving the bike for oil at WOT which equals detonation, scored jugs, pistons, rods hangin out where they shouldn't. So my advice stick with 32:1 if the bike runs go get 5-10 NEW spark plugs reference a manual for stick jet sizes. Order 5 up and down from stock both pilot and main check your air filter make sure it's clean, do a compression test to ensure the bikes in good working order internally, chek the pipe and silencer to ensure they aren't plugged up. Then...... New plug ride the bike for 5-10 minutes on the slow circuit (pilot jet) check plug if its light brown/tan the slow circuit off idle to 1/4 throttle is good. Reference a manual if you don't have one get one. It will tell you what jets do what which circuits do what etc. they can be tricky but if you have an air leak that can make them run "fat" because they're sucking trans oil into te cylinder depending on the seal that's bad. Check the easy stuff first then move forward. Changing your premix to fix a carb issue will only result in engine damage or failure in te future. Good luck and keep us posted

Now that's good info. Thanks for that. I'm not necessarily new at this, guess I was looking more for opinions on what guys had been running on these things in the woods. It DOES run well, but not up to my standards. For her it's fine, but for me, ehh. I'd feel better if I could clean it up some. Ill get in the jetting and figure it out.

You are certainly welcome, and I know what you mean sometimes they can just be tricky or something we (and we all do it) over look I had an 89 rm80 that ran like it stole something great bikes and I'm glad to hear your gf is involved with you riding! Good luck and i apologize I didn't mean to sound condensending or make you out to be illiterate just thought I'd bounce some ideas around for you. Good luck !! Keep us posted as your fix, may solve someone else's problem for them

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