new to me bike but im lost....

hey guys came a cross a (what i hope to be) great deal on a bike. Bike is a 94 and looks pretty clean for being 20yrs old. i have tried searches on here but cant find the steps i should take before trying to ride a bike that has been setting up. It was litterally back off in a corner with stuff piled around it. Guy got it on a trade and didnt know much about it. It looks to have JM suspension on it. but it does have a pretty good dent in the pipe. How much will the dent affect it? What steps should i take to get her riding again?

left side.jpg

right side.jpg

Nice find!! The dent will curve perfomance a little but not a lot. It can ne removed fairly easy. Look up some links on here and you will find ways to remove it. If tje bike was sitting for a long time, the seals could have dried up. Depends, but a complete tear down and rebuild would be your best bet. You could get it running the way it sits, but don't be suprised if it starts leaking. Water pump seals are notorious for going bad if it was sitting for any period of time. It's cheaper to go threw it and know the bike than to blow it up and spend twice as much to know the same info later. Just my 2 cents.

this bike also has excel wheels on it. Does anyone know if thos were from the factory or added later?

I'd be interested in the bar pad if you swap it out.


Just change the trans fluid and coolant, service the air filter and clean the carb.  Lube the cables and remove the rear brake pedal and lube the pivot pin.  The pin is welded to the frame and is not replaceable unless you make one.


I'd pit a top end in it, ride it a couple times then service the suspension.


The rims are not stock.  They came with DID rims.

I want to get it running before i worry about at top end. not that it matters but what would you guys think a bike like this is worth?

I just sold my 96 RM125 for $700, but it was running.  So figure $5-700 depending on wear. Maybe $900-1000 with new top end, drive and tires.  Basically a bike that needs nothing but gas.  You can get alot more bike for $1000, 2000 and newer 125/250's with better suspension.

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ok well i did ok i gave 300 for it. How much harder are these carbs to clean than say a crf80 4stroke carb? anyone have a link to a good youtube vid?

Just remove the carb, pull the float bowl and remove the jets, spray brake clean through all the passages, make sure the jets are clear and put it all back together.  Shouldn't be too bad, premix helps against corrosion.

thanks for your input i just ordered a kawasaki service manual from ebay

also how do yall feel about running ATF in the gear oil?

got the carb off to clean it tonight found this. I don't think this is from the factory. I also removed the seat to find a nice clean and oiled air filter. I think in its day this was a bike someone put some money in.

125 carb.jpg

Great looking ride to be a 94,congrat's to you.

That bowl is still available.

I own a 95 & 98. Anything you might need is readily available. BTW, I race my 98...they're great, relatively inexpensive bikes.

Basically what everyone said up above is 100% true..... I know this is a "no brainer" but make sure you drain ALL of the gas out of it as well..... Try to get ethanol free gas for it as well since ethanol has the tendency to gunk up the carb.

we can no longer get ethanol free gas in my area. i use stabil to treat the fuel is it ok to use that and the premix oil?

Check your fork seals. Set the bike up on a stand and push the front forks down and up a couple times. feel under where the seal is supposed to be and if it feels oily, then you need to replace your seals. if its not oily then your golden. Another thing i would reccomend but you dont have to do is get a gasket kit. relpace all your gaskets. Drain the gas, use premium, drain the tranny and clutch oil, and drain the coolant. replace it all, use engine ice for coolant, and high performance tranny and clutch oil. check your bearings. If you do end up replacing the gaskets clean all the carbon off your piston, exhaust ports. Check for grooves in your cylinder. If thats all good you're perfect. If the bike doesnt start up second kick check the jetting in yo're carb. I wouldnt do it to the manual standards though. It runs to rich. Once you get that good, use the right mix and use castrol 2 stroke mix oil. Then you're golden. Good luck man!

i noticed last night when moving the bike that the clutch would not disengage by using clutch lever to roll the bike. i had to put it in neutral to roll it? is this normal?

we can no longer get ethanol free gas in my area. i use stabil to treat the fuel is it ok to use that and the premix oil?

I know this list isn't always 100% correct but are NONE of these near you?

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