Oil Change!

Ok, tomorrow I am going to do the first oil change on my new bike. The thing is I read the Manual….. Twice! This was a huge error :) Can it be as complicated as all that? Any tips to make this less painful. I think I counted 10 items that must be removed, unless you want to change the @*%#$ filter also.

I need help! :D

Sorry guys.

I'll put this over where it belongs.


The first time it took me a while but now I can do it with my eyes closed! You do not need to remove the header! Take off the skid plate and water pump gaurd. Pull the drain plug first and let it drain completely before you pull the frame bolt drain. now remove the filter. Talk off the screen in the bottom of the frame and clean it out. You might want to take off the oil lines on each side of the case and drain them out to get all the crappy oil out. If you need anything else let me know!

Take off the skid plate? Why? I can change my oil and clean the filter in maybe 10 minutes, and mine is the '00 that you have to loosen the head pipe. All you need to do is pull the 2 drain bolts and drain it, then clean the oil screen and that only every other time or so. I've been riding my bike for two full seasons and I've never found even a fleck in the frame screen. That would be a real pain to check every time you change the oil...

I'm pretty sure my manual says to drain the frame before the engine. (unless I read it wrong)

If you drain the frame first it get oil everywhere. If you drain it out of the engin first it will take the pressure off it so it doesent go everywhere.

I have a 2000 and I dont need to loosen my header at all. Also to clean the frame screen I must take off the skid plate. I also drilled a small hole in the engine drain bolt( not very deep 1/4" or so) and JB welded a rare earth magnet from Radio Shack in it to attract small metal bits. Cost me what $1.35 or so? I never took off my water pump guard! Cya :)

I too drain the frame first. All you have to do is hold the drain bolt against the frame basically half blocking the drain hole and the oil will drop right down into the pan, no mess. If you're clumbsy like me then you will probably want to invest in some latex gloves to keep the used oil off of your hands (box of 100 is about $9 at the grocery store).

Not that it's a big deal (cause it's not) but I've only drained the oil IAW the procedure in the book i.e. the frame first. I haven't had it make a mess yet. I just turn the bars, crack the dipstick, and unscrew the frame bolt; it streams out into one of those black car oil drain pans that you can buy at wal-mart.

Once it's done streaming out I slide the pan back so it can still drool into the pan from the frame and then I pull the engine plug. Those cheap @ss plastic drain pans are just big enough to catch oil coming out of both holes.

I just figured there was some reason Yamaha spelled out the procedure (frame first) so that's the way I've been doing it....


Do yourself a big favor and change your oil often. As time goes by, you will get into a routine of changing the oil plus cleaning/replacing the oil filter.

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