Engine Compatability

Does anyone know how compatible the XT200 and BW200 engines are?  they are both 196cc

Can depend on the year, parts lists for bikes are on the web or through yamaha, the stator and cover are most likley diffrent between the two bikes, the Ag 200 engine and the tw200 could also be close. I would find the parts lists and compare them then you kmow for sure.

Thanks for the info, Tanis.  did not even think to look at the part numbers list.

I would expect the TW and BW to be similar because of the application. The XT225 and TTR225 are nearly identical till 2000. The TTR225 and 230 are quite similar as well.


Check to see if the case halves, cylinders, output shafts and head cover have the same part numbers. If so, they'll probably drop right in. If the output shaft is the only thing that's different, you probably need to split the cases to switch it out. IMHO, that makes it not worth the hassle.

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