e header and e cams

just picked up a set of e cams and an e header, looking forward to putting them to use when they get in. what kind of difference will it make compared to stock? the only mods i've done to mine so far are the 3x3 and jd jet kit.

It will be a little "snappier", but don't expect much.

Next step should be a FCR Carb and a full exhaust

thanks for the info, i do plan to eventually get a 39 fcr but right now funds are tight. I do have a $250 gift card from the dealer i picked my bike up from so i'm probably gonna get an fmf powercore slip on

I saw the biggest difference with the cams  on the freeway.  Less throttle to cruise at higher speeds.  The header should do something but I didn't notice a difference.  You'll have to cut about a half inch off of the header.  It's easy the metal is thin.

so i paid $45 bucks for a fmf powercore slip on using my $250 gift card, cant wit til it comes in

Wish I saw this last night and wish you hadn't wasted your money on a slip on. Full system is the only way to go. Since you have the larger e header that's a good thing. It will still never flow like a well designed system like the mrd. It will sound a little better with the slip on.

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