Best butt bag

Did the search routine on the whole site, found nothing - even though it's a subject I'm sure that has been covered. So I'm posing the question to my YZ friends; any favorites and why? I've owned several over the 40+ years of trail riding, from a crappy cheap one that cost many more $s in lost tools that what I had saved to my last two which were the Moose XCR bags. First one was great and simply wore out the bottom from all the use, the second one was a revamp of the first and not as good from the get go - it lost a tie down buckle the second ride out and they did not have replacements, then the zipper ripped out which was repaired, the last two years I can only open the tool compartment from one side due to the zipper having a problem. I do carry a lot in a butt bag, tools, first aid kit, food, etc. Looking at the MSR enduro pack except I can only find one picture of it, it looks big enough and has tie down straps to keep it from bouncing. The one feature I have liked on the Moose is the flap pocket which is where I keep lunch and a screwdriver for making suspension adjustments along with a goggle wipe cloth. I don't believe the MSR has that feature. 


Any and all comments will be appreciated. 

I take my tools with me in my cheapo camel pack. I have exchanged quite a lot of bolts from hex to allen, lighter and smaller tools to carry :)

Thanks Arne, I used to wear a backpack(or did for a while) but I now have my camelback attached to my chest protector and wear a Leatt thus making it a chore to remove anything on my back. Also, take into consideration that most of the time we go for a ride it is in the 5 to 7 hour ride and anything can happen. So I guess I'm overly prepared for myself and my young friends. Also in the spring we will be clearing trail, meaning we have extra stuff to care for the chainsaw - so a butt bag is essential. I wish I didn't have to carry any as it results in a sore lower back for at least the first month until my body gets used to it.


Just some of my reasons for a good bag.

Got ya :) I would rather mod some box I could attach to the front than a bag I have strapped to the rear. Acerbis has some extra tanks and behind the number plate you have some space to mount a smallish box of sorts.

I would love to have one of those.


I have a Kriega now. That is a joke. The 1st one fell apart, they warrantied it. 2nd one doing the same thing.

Plus, the sinch strap is poorly designed. It is always loose and won't tighten up.

I carry lots of stuff to save other people's assess as well as my own and I use the the MSR Baja, I believe. It is big, organized and tough. Been using one for years with no tool blowouts. Cycle parts west has these MxR pouches for like 7 bucks that can be added to the side that are just like the MSR add-on pouches but way cheaper. I carry the stuff I need to get to quickly in there, like my wallet, phone, goggle wipe, cliff bars and I can stick cool desert rocks I find in there. Cheers

Thanks HH; the Baja Bag is a little to big for my tastes but the build quality was what I was interested in. I just may pull the trigger on one and I did find a picture of the interior on Google. Gonna look around somemore as the Moose should last the few rides that are left before rifle season starts. I get nervous in the woods when that starts.

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