Tell me all about your 13, 250SX

I want to get rid of my 13 crf450 after riding my 125 some more. Nothing quite like the 2 stroke fun :)

Since I'm a big guy I will need a 250 as the 125/150 while fun, don't quite cut it.

Please tell me the good and bad with your bike. (i've read all the magazine tests I'm sure it's as wonderful as they make it sound)

Freakin awesome clutch, a motocross motor to die for once you sort the jetting and put in the red spring, out brakes any bike I've ridden (taking the same corner with a friends 07 crf450 almost caused me to blow through the turn and end up off the track. remember that when you take a friends bike for a spin after getting used to the brembos). Easy to service. Shock removable requires half the work the jap bikes do. Suspension lacks but I'm a big guy so no jap bike has been good in stock form for me either. Turns unbelievably well too. There was a guy over at vital that said he never thought he's find a bike that would out turn his rm250 until he rode the 13 250sx.

It's a great bike that will need some suspension work for you but overall i love mine.

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Ya I'm bigger then the average guy and bikes don't come set up for us.

All my bikes end up with suspension work so that's nothing I'm worried about.

I think it will be an excellent race package for the casual(serious) racer I am.

I have a 12 with revalved suspension and pro circuit link. So pretty much a 13 with minor changes. I love the bike. Wish it had a little more over rev. You will notice that you can't lug it as much as the 450. The Suzuki rm250 needle nejc that everyone talks about really does make a good difference when rolling on the throttle. I couldn't believe how much smoother the bike is on bottom. I have fmf fatty and shorty. So the shorty may be my problem with over rev.

I've '14 250 SX which is basically the same so I will add my two cents.

First off, if your not worried about the suspension like you say, you have nothing else to worry about.

I have had 250 four strokes and 450 four strokes so I can give you some honest pros and cons of the 2t vs the 4t's.

Clutch on the KTM is unbelievable. Probably my favorite thing on the bike. The power is great; this thing barks. You will have to shift more as it will fall pretty flat in the upper rpm's and wont rev like the 4t's. Handling and turning are great.

I hated the stock suspension, but got it dialed in with the help of race tech.

Maintenance is a snap as well. I had the subframe off along with the rear shock in about 15 min where it took an hour on my 250 4t.

I'm super happy with the bike so far. I've got about 10 hours on it as of now with no complaints other than the suspension.

Thank you.

I have my 09 Ktm 125 that I got for my wife and and yeah... I sure miss owning a Ktm for myself.

I was riding it at our local track and I'm faster on that silly 125 totally stock, then I am on my 13, 450 set up for me so I was like well.... I better test a new 250 and I loved it.

I'll most likely get an fmf fatty and ti2 silencer and my suspension, an acerbis x seat, and asv levers and be in moto heaven.

I've bounced around from 250fs, to 450s, 125s and the 150sx and nothing is as much fun and feels as natural to me as small bore bikes. But. My size requires a 250 for most situations. So. I'll be getting one

I have a '12 - same bike 'Cept for a larger diameter rear axle and some plastics. And a VForce 4 Reed block Which Moto Tassinary sent me for free under consideration that that stock '12 reed block is a faulty design. 


My 2c - I love riding it. I've put a bar mounted switch to swap ignition curves. I prefer the less aggressive map for most tracks. But in wet loamy sand I go the aggressive map. I run the yellow spring, also for traction, and for the loamy sand tracks I screw the preload all the way out which gives it some more snap. In the bush (pea gravel) I just wind the preload right in, flick the switch, and she's tractable as. 


I love that tunability. She handles brilliantly. Weight is spot on. But the Seat's too soft and the cover pershes.  Then it goes down hill. Yes I find riding the thing is a blast, but not maintaining it. It's mechanically... dumb. 


The forks are harsh - I just bought a shock pump and needle and serviced mine, set the oil quantity down to 375ml like MXA recommends and it's still harsh.

The countershaft seal is a dumb setup, but handy if you're neglectful of your chain lube.


The chassis will rust in various places, especially under the plastic covers where it rubs with grit and traps water. Jap alloy frames don't rust. 


The Air Filter is particular to locate and still doesn't seal real well - I keep getting slops spatter through to the boot (it is winter here, yes I run a bead of waterproof Bel Ray Grease)- and the air box may as well just be open it fills with so much crap off the back wheel, and the foam presses against the outer cover, stifling flow and jamming up with crap. 

The steering head bearings are way floppy at the recommended torque. They need more torque. It's a weird setup compared to Jap bikes. 

The inner clutch cover gasket perishes at the recommended torque, weeps and will swell and jam up the kick starter, so it doesn't return. 


They don't like to shift from second to third flat out - forum folks recommend filing out the shift claw, which may help it a bit but not fix it outright. When you do that mod don't use a stock inner clutch cover gasket. You need a metal based one - is it athena does them?


The expansion chamber is junk and will crack around the spring stays, and the creases where it was curved too harshly ( without heat), by the factory stressing the steel. Do you know a good TIG welder?

Actually a PC factory sound 304 silencer will give you much better over rev, without any more noise. 


But yeah, mint fun to ride when you're not trying to keep it functioning. 

One final note - Check torque on every single fastener from the factory - radiator hose clamps, swingarm pivot, and linkage, headstays and engine mount, spokes - whatever you can get a wrench on. The factory doesn't torque them to spec. Serious safety business. 


Mines for sale... My first and last Kato. I've had it for 8 months. Done about 30 hours on it. 
I'm thinking of a YZ250 with a PC pipe and an oversized front rotor. 


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Incredible bike. Awesome brakes. Strong motor. Effortless clutch. Light as a feather. Gotta play with the clickers a bit. Worth trying the suzuki necj needle as it really improves response off the bottom. Just a great bike period once you get it set up for you.

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