XR400R Bog When Landing

My 2001 Honda XR400R bogs wieh I land a jump, or go too fast over a bumpy section. I'm not sure why. I was told that it could be my jet kit, but I wanna make sure before I go spending any money. I have already adjusted the mix screw, it now runs with the perfect air/fuel mixture. It doesn't bog as often now, but, it still does sometimes.

Watch my carb tutorial video. In it I describe how to set the floats max drop to prevent the float from being forced downward, displacing fuel in the bowl on a hard landing or over rough terrain.


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My computer won't let me watch it. What's the youtube address?

Click on the "Watch on Youtube" icon, bottom right of screen.

Okay, I lessened the travel of the float, it seems to make a tad difference. Would the jet kit be the next thing to get?

Would the jet kit be the next thing to get?

No one can tell you that until you post what your current jetting is, pilot, main and needle clip position.

What your elevation is.

And what exhaust and intake mods you run.

I don't know about the needle clip position... But the elevation is 1650, and I have a DG silencer, with stock headers on it. 

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