2013 500 EXC Gearing / Chainguide question ?

Im fitting a bigger rear sprocket (47 tooth vs 45 tooth) on my 2013 500 EXC tomorrow night.


Previous owner shortened the chain to 114 links - so its going to be 'tight' whether it fits or not.



Ive read posts about people "....unbolting, and turning the rear chain-guide around".




Ive just had a quick look - i presume this is the clearish coloured inner part of the original rear lower chain-guide and not the black plastic outer- (which i guess stays 'as-is) " ????



If its that close I'm guessing the tire will hit the swing arm. I went to a 13/47 from the stock 15/45 and only had to reverse the axel blocks while still using the stock chain.

never heard of this, but, i would think it would be easier to pick up an extra master link and ad a few links back into the chain.

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