YZ250 alignment issue



I have just bought my first dirt bike (YZ250 2005) and have noticed the bolt that moves the spacer block? on the swing arm is bent on one side. (as seen in pic below)

Am I allright just replacing the bolt and re-aligning or could it have caused more damage else where?

Thanks in advance.



Wow, I don't see how it could get bent in that manner, but there it is!! It most likely will be difficult to get out and I would be sure that I had a quality 12mm wrench to use on that along with a 10 on the bolt head. try to back it out using both and you may not have any damage to the threads. You will only know when you try it.

that bolt will most likely hit the swing arm when you try to rotate it....I would cut must of it off, then that 12mm nut will probably get locked and the bent threads etc...then HOPEFULLY there are no damage threads....good luck....worst outcome...there are plenty of good swingarms on ebay:)

Cheers for the help guys....Yeah I think your right Kijen....Time for the dremel to come out. Hopefully i wont damage the thread but like you said, plenty spares on ebay!

I wonder if the bike was slammed down hard vertically on the rear wheel?  The way the alignment block is indented is consistent with that also.  If you cut the bolt, but leave a little for the nut to catch on you should be albe to back the rest out with the nut.

was just thinking....this is a tough one.  I think I would Dremel cut off the bolt at the nut, then tack weld the nut to what is left on the bolt.  while still hot spray the @#$% out of the threads on the bolt into the swingarm and say a nice little prayer.

is that the standard wheel? if so where is the wheel spacer / dustcap? looks to me like the rear wheel is loose on the axel or the axel nut has come loose to cause this.

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After you solve this odd thing, check alignment with some kind of a straightedge to see how the sprockets line up.  Then at least you'll know if you can ever trust the markings again.

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