78 yz400 replacement chain, o-ring or not

Replacing original chain, would o-ring be wider and cause problems with tensioner guide block,rollers,etc

or should I stick to non o-ring.


Plan on possibly doing some vintage mx. Also what would be a good brand to go with.

O-ring chains are wider and you may face clearance issues.

Thanks,,,thought that might be the case.

DID is a decent brand

I put a non o-ring on my 79 and it rides right next to the rear guide so any wider and it may be an issue unless you tweak the location of that.

Thanks for the reply's , got a DID ordered. Bought this bike new...still has original chain on it now.

don't spend the extra money for an o ring chain on a bike that was never designed to have one. 

I ran a DID oring on my 79 yz400 with no issues

You can have clearance issues at the countershaft sprocket too.  Not every bike, but there could be an issue with some.

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