Clarke 4.0 gallon tank petcock

I have the Clarke 4.0 gallon tank, which takes the Clarke "No Groove" petcock (Grooved version is for the 4.7 gallon tank).  I had to install the Clarke petcock as I had clearance issues with the cylinder fins when using the stock version.


I've been thinking of picking up one of those Pringle petcocks, they look very nice and definitely like they can take a beating, may even have replaceable o-rings.  Can anyone here confirm WHICH XR series petcock might fit the Clarke 4 gallon tank?  I was under the impression that the XR650R version MIGHT fit but not having access to one (and, yes, I checked all the local motorcycle salvage yards, not a SINGLE XR!!!) I am unsure.  I will eventually give them a call but I figured someone here may be able to shed some light on this...

Are we talking XR650L.if so i had no issues with the 4.0 and original petcock clearing the fins...



Yes, although you did not have problems, I did, likely owing to variations in manufacture... Does anyone here know if an XR650R petcock fits the Clarke tank???

Hmmmmmmmmm...well..i`ve seen people with different bikes have issues and they just took a dremel drumsander and clearanced the fins,removing some fin is not an issue..



Yes, I had considered dremeling the fins but decided against it.  I ordered the Clarke petcock which fits nicely, was just looking for something a little "beefier" and I could keep my Clarke version as a spare.  To date, I have not had any issues with the Clarke petcock so I am not really complaining but the amount of plastic used in the construction does make me a little nervous...

The main reasion i used the OE XRL petcock is.........if it screws up,leaks,etc.......i can go to any Honda dealer and get one quick instead of waiting and waiting........i`d clearance the fins,,just sayin ;)



You make a very good point, Brian.  I think I'll be going with your suggestion!

You can make brackets to secure each side of the tank to the frame where the air scoops use to mount..


 It keeps the tank from rocking side to side and contacting the petcock on the cylinder.


Its a pretty common mod when going to the bigger tank.


There are a few threads on here about it.


I made some years ago and have never had an issue with them after dumping it many many times.

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One more note: it seems the XR600R petcock MIGHT fit the 4 gallon Clarke tank but not having one, I cannot be absolutely sure.

The Clarke tank for 650l is the same tank for 88-00 600R the 650l just comes with adapter to use 650l petcock get pingle 600R it will bolt right on.

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