Mt Adams area dualsport ride 9 1 13 wanna join us ?


Anybody want to join us? So far, a friend and I. I don't really expect anyone but I thought I would post a message anyway.

High Lakes Ride, 9 1 13

Drive to Mt. Adams area, via I-84 or SR14, north to Trout Lake, north on road 23 to Lewis River. about 120 miles from Portland.

Ride about: paved (10miles), gravel (45 miles), trail (25 miles).

Most of the trail is easy, some more difficult, with a few tight or challenging spots. The route generally uses the easiest trails, skipping most difficult sections by using road. The conditions should be outstanding. No dust, sunny and warm. Ripe huckleberries along the trails. I made a bunch of routes, to make up the total route. Can send along by request.


The berries are awesome right now.


What trails are you riding I'd like to join you one weekend

The berries are awesome right now.

Posted Image

were is this

I think they call that trail Yozoo. Bishop ridge was right around the corner. Bishop was my favorite one that day

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