1984 Dual Carb XR200 - engine question

I'm wondering what will bolt in to a XR200 1984 dual carb RFVC.  The motor blew, and I'm debating on what will be cheaper and faster (fixing it or looking for another one from an XL, or another XR).   I've read that an 1986 xl250 dual carb would bolt in, but I also read that it wouldn't.


Any help would be great.


Thank you.

there is a reason why the dual carb xr200r '84-'85 switched back to the old single carb design in '86. yes, I believe it's very similar to the xr250r engine, but the xr250r might be taller, I don't remember and never tried to fit one. I don't think the single carb motor mounts cleanly in the '84-85 chassis, but that's what I would replace it with (i.e. '86 or newer xr200r motor), if it would fit.

Lots of heat related problems with those year XR's at least the bigger ones. Rig an oil cooler when you put it together.

I would have the original motor rebuilt and nows the time to up the compression and bore a bit and get a NEW really nice motor. 10:1 compression and 220cc and you'll feel like you have a new bike. 

 If you buy ANOTHER 25-30 year old motor, how do you know it won't need a rebuild a year after you buy it?

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I had a 87 XR250R with a 84 XR250 dual carb motor:

The 84-85 XR200R/250R and 84-87 XL250 dual carb engines use the same motor mounts, although the 250 engine may be a bit taller. Any 86-95 XR250 engine will also fit the chassis.


Just use the airboot and manifold(s) that fits whatever carb(s) you use, blend manifold ports to suit the ports. 

The bolt pattern for the airboot/airbox changed in 86 but is workable.

84 XR200R/250R and XL250R used the same CDI box, 85 used a revised model, both marked KK0

The CDI module for the 86-95 XR250R is marked KT1.

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