yz125 clutch push rod popped out

Hi everyone. So i was riding my bike (completely forgot the bolt holding the clutch rod fell out.. =/ ) and i hit a log, bike tipped on its side. I picked it back up started it only to noticed my clutch lever had 0 play.. it was pulled back towards the grip as far as it could go. I thought I had broken my clutch cable.. I looked closely and noticed the clutch push rod was pulled all the way up. I took my exhaust off, disconnected the cable and can NOT get this lever back in all the way. I can get it to where theres maybe 1/2 inch left to go.


Is there a trick to putting it in? I sat there and spun the thing while pushing down and it will not move any further. Also is there somewhere I can buy another one of these bolts or will any bolt that fits work?


Thank you.

2013-08-29 14.53.38.jpg

2013-08-29 14.54.32.jpg

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