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Quick review of MSR Radiator Braces

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Ok.....so after trashing my radiator on my 06 WR450 (mainly damaged by a root going through it, but pretty twisted up as well), I started looking into guards and braces. I wound up going with the MSR Braces (clone of the Moose Racing and several others), since the Scorpion Racing weren't available for older bikes. When I opened up the package, I was surprised at how thick the aluminum was (4mm). Since my left radiator was fresh and my right wasn't in bad shape, the braces fit really well without modification. The kit came with longer bolts and 4 spacers. The large spacers shim out the rear of the radiator to make up for the thickness of the radiator. The only problem I found was that the factory top radiator hose seemed a bit short, but a trip to the auto parts store fixed that. The stock hose probably would have been fine, the clamps would have just been much closer to the expanded part of the radiator tubes. The second set of spacers were to shim out the radiator shrouds so the longer bolt would reach the captive bold in the factory plastic deflectors. That would have pushed out the lower part of the shrouds about 3/4 in. per side. Rather than use the spacers, I got out my angle grinder and fitted it with a sanding disc and proceeded to grind about a 1/4 in. off the back of the shroud (where its webbed to space it off the radiator) and it went right back to where it was located from the factory. The stock air deflectors when right back to where they should. All in all.....I probably spent 2 hrs total with the install (from drain to refill), but if I'd have used the factory top hose, and the supplied shroud spacer, it probably would have only been about 45 min tops. The instructions were pretty clear, but there isn't any need to remove the fuel tank. I didn't, and had no problems. So how well do they work???? After some pretty hard spills last Sunday afternoon....(LOL...I had a rougher than usual day)... I have two radiators that look as good as they did before I tried the braces out. I wish my protective gear would have worked as well for my body!

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