Need info on my newly aquired 85 XR600R.

I'm curious as to what all years are interchangable as far as body parts etc..  Also, I'll probably replace the stock muffler and was wandering how close a fit an XR400R stock muffler would be.  The one on it is bent a bit.  It's going to be budjet bike.  Any info would be greatly appreciated.

You should be able to find parts interchange threads if you search this forum. Direct bolt-ons will come from XR600s of the same era, which would be '85-87, Many parts from '88+ are similar, but quite a few are not.

I run 88+ (600) gas tank on my 85 xr350, no issues. Now using xr600 side panels and crf fenders.  No issues with any.  I used my 400 stock exhaust for a time. Upper mount off a couple of inches, spanned with a steel strap and 2 nuts/bolts. DSC00045.jpg

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and now with CRF exhaust (2 brothers racing) and CRF fenders 



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