Any Input on an 05 sx125?

Im looking at a clean, one owner 2005 sx125 with the first new top end in it. Is there any common problems with them? How do most people like theirs? For $1300, I cant be going wrong can I? Thanks, Jon.

Got my 125sx for 1200$ guy said it had a new top end but i didnt know how many hours was on it that was in april when i got it..soo i guessed it had about 20 ... i put out 38 hours on it maybe... but is a fun bike love it!!!!!! Just got new plastic and decals looks great wish i knew how to upload pics.. the only problems i think is counter shaft seals mine just started leaking to day soo the next thing im buying is new top end clutch and seal..

I got a 2004 earlier this year.  Super clean but still have an issue where it's impossible to restart after it's warmed up.  Narrowed it down to stator or kill switch but haven't had time to mess with it.  So if the guy lets you, let it warm up for 10-15 minutes and then kill it and see if you can easily kick it back on

oh and this is my first bike and i love it.  Went 125 thinking it would just be a learning bike but holy crap it kicks hard in 4th/5th.

Got a 125 sx and its awesome! Runs like a champ, some minor things broke but nothing unusual

read the FAQ about CS leaks before spending money

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