District 7 AMA next year

I plan on racing for the first time in 10 years next year in the Vet C class... Last time I raced was the 125C. Anyone on here race district 7 in the vet class?

District 7 motocross is run by MAMA. The Vet classes race on Saturday. Good turn outs from what I hear, I work Saturdays so no firsthand info.

Thanks for the info.... I'm actually going to be in 6 now.... At least I think it's 6... Happy Ramblers, Doublin Gap, etc... Def going down to budds creek on Father's Day to race though. Last time I was there it was '96 watching McGrath and Emig battle lol.... Got my first trophy there too racing on the super cross track Saturday night in the 125C class.... Got 5th

Is budds creek 7?

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