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rmz 450 -06 interchangable parts -> rm 250 -07

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First of all, this is my first post to TT. Been a lurker for some while now. Found lots of great tips! English is my second language as I live in Sweden so sorry for any misspellings!


I currently ride fmx-only with a RM 250 -07 twosmoker, love the bike! But the suspention and lack of seat, bad handlebars and a big hole in the airbox makes the bike only frustrating and almost non-rideable on a motocross track.


As fmx is where I set my goals and passion I am absolutly keeping my current bike and now im looking into getting another bike for mx/enduro/play-around. I am also sponsored by a Suzuki-shop so yellow is the only option.


I've found a RMZ 450 2006. A bit far away (4hours) but the chap selling it has had it since it was brand new! Big plus in my book.


I talked to him in the phone and he seems like a guy who takes cares of his things, and he could answer every question I had, He races quads and has a private track where he had this bike as a play-around bike, and his friends who wanted to try riding dirtbikes could borrow. He said that the bike had around 80 hours on it. He changed piston around 30 hours ago.


He is asking around 1500 dollars for it. So if I decide to sell it sometime next year, I will absolutly get the money back!


At first I looked for another 2-smoker, but if I want a 04-or newer they are around 2300 dollars (getting quite rare I'm afraid) and pretty beaten up... So more bang for the buck eh?


The bike is prob. only gonna be ridden 30-50h a year!


I have 2 questions:


1: I would love if the wheels are interchangable with my current RM 250 -07 2-stroke. Does anyone know if they will fit?

Would be nice to have an extra par ready to use of the wheels on my fmx bike would get beaten up.


2: Does anyone know if the forks and shock are the same as on my current bike? 

It would be fun as hell to try jumping ramps on a 4-stroke. And it would be sweet if I could just swap the suspension from my fmx bike to the RMZ 450.


And ofcource it would be great if anyone of you guys with experiance with the RMZ 450 writes the bad/good with it.

As far as I know and have read on here, the bike is bombproof if you treat it like it should be treaten, seems like owners think it handles great.

Any cons?


Here is a pic of the bike i'm interested in, it even has the CE-sticker still on it!







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I am not for sure but I think the wheels would fit. My guess is the forks would most likely fit but the shock may not fit due to frame and linkage differences.

But you'll love the bike I love mine!

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