500 EXC Fuel Tank Sock

I see that Twin Air has new fuel tank filters for KTM but I don't see one listed for a 500 EXC. I thought the caps and tanks were mostly all the same on all the EXC And XCW bikes.

Anyone know if they have one available for a 2014 500? I think KTM has one but I don't know if it will fit a 2014 500. I don't really care if its the Twin Air one. I just want one that will do the job and fit my bike.

I just installed a KTM # 78107990100 tank sock. it is listed as a 2012- 2013 but fits my 2014 perfectly.

I am running my SPLITSTREAM filter from my old 12 500 exc in my 14 500 exc tank,fitted straight in.

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