Beat up old dr350

Hi all!

Couple of weeks back I came across a sweet deal on a 91 DR350. Its pretty thoroughly thrashed, but, its gotta plate and it a blast to run around town and blast through mountain roads on. Its not my first bike, (ex500, sv650, and currently an 05 636) but it's my first dual sport/thumper/dirt bike.

Anyway, I have a question. I took the girl to put around town yesterday and noticed a clicking sound come from the chain? Front sprocket? I have set rear shock to full hard, to no avail.

Could it be the chain is worn out? I tightened it when I brought the bike home but haven't measured it yet.

Anyone know how I should adjust the suspension to accommodate two up? Or should I just loose some weight?

I would first check  chain tension and chain alignment.

Also set the rear sag on the shock to at least your own weight which means it should sag 4 inches when you are on the bike and you are wearing your riding gear. There is info on how to do this in Thumpertalk!

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