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Got some new toys today! :))))

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So I got sick of waiting for the KTM dealer to call with my new bike... sounds like i was going to have to wait a while any ways so I found a 12' 500 XC-W for $7,300 with only 25 hours, found the original receipt for $11,000! Couldn't really pass it up! Picked that up today!


I also made a deal for a 09' 450 XC-W for $5,500 with GPS, and a few extras and only 60 hours.


Also Picked a ktm strider bike up for my 2 year old nephew!






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My nephew in Alaska has all the KTM kiddo accessories via uncle Daryl. His fav is the KTM pacifier!


LMAO! I actually have some of those for the riders that bitch the most on trail rides. Along with a tampon we make then wear around their neck! 

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