Not Forgotten

Since picking up a '13 300XC a couple of weeks ago the 450 XCW was feeling left out. To show my appreciation for the ol' girl I got her a little somethin' somethin' today.

Posted Image


 The bracket/ protector looks sharp.

It should be a real clean looking install when I'm done. I've got to admit for some reason I want no part of installing it lol!! I'll dive in to it tomorrow whether I want to or not, get it mounted, all systems wired and secured, and get the head unit calibrated. Good thing for the 3 day weekend ahead! Except Sunday! That's practice day at the track with the 300! ;-)

Does anybody have some suggestions as to what I should set the thresholds for the LEDs to?

RPM warning (flash) - ?

RPM critical (solid) - ?

Temp warning (flash) - ?

Temp critical (solid) - ?

2009 450 XCW

Looks right at home in there...

Posted Image

The only PITA ahead is getting the temp sensor installed. Not thrilled about splicing my silicon rad hoses.

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