Odometer reading wrong?!?

I was out riding with a buddy of mine today and we filled up together and reset are trips. After we were done riding his odometer said 80 miles, while mine was saying 98?!?!?! I noticed while riding alone that the trip mileage was going up pretty quick and didn't really think anything of it. My drz sm is completely stock as far as I know what could cause this?

i trip meter's can be adjusted to conpensate for incorrect miles.. if you have the oem manual theres direction on how to fix it in there


go adjust, then compare the actual bikes miles.. and trip miles.. then ride and look afterwards

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I have read that the trip meter can be recalibrated.

ok so that means my actual miles on the bike is reading right I don't want to be putting all of these miles on the odometer being that its false and decreases value of bike. As long as that's alright I don't care about the fact that the trip dosnt read right.

Press the select button until your desired trip meter is selected. Then hold the Trip/Time button for 3 seconds. A number will pop up (can be below or over a hundred). Adjust this coefficient to make your trip meter accurate. I found mine to be at 116, then put it to 100 and now it seems right.

I am pretty sure the odometer is correct and the trip just has some coefficient you can adjust.

Check that your ODO is reading correctly, as mentioned above it may just be the trip meter that is reading wrong.




This how to adjust your "trip" reading....


here i hope this works, i took the puc from the manual


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I have mine totally calibrated using that procedure and the speedo is still off by 13% , I adjust my speed using my GPS


first time I did 105 on the DRZ I realized it was only about 90mph


that procedure is to allow for wheel spin for true enduro racing and/or matching mileage pointers and to allow you to correct for it...somewhat...on the fly


I have the 28 liter safari tank and voyager GPS soon so I don't really care about mileage anymore, I gave up on speedo accuracy

I believe the procedure only calibrates the trip meters (A & B meters) and NOT the odometer or speedometer readings... which are set from the factory and not adjustable.

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