narrowed down my choices but idk to get plz help

im 14 4'11 great shape (hockey player) i know how to use a clutch i want a trail/track bike that is fast good suspension and is not to loud to get my neighbors mad they live 1/8 mile away

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Its going to be hard to get something track capable your size that isn't loud. You might want to look into a crf150r if you want a track capable bike. Or maybe an 85/100. None of these are "quiet" bikes but they're not loud either.

Personally I'd go with this one the yz85 the frame doesn't have much wear so it has realitively low hours and plus it's an 05 which is decently new and it's only $1000. It's also a yamaha and they are the most reliable. Don't worry about how loud it is too much cause my friend has an 85 and it is very quiet compared to my 125 2t. I hope you make the right decision and have fun with it.

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