I want to upgrade my Honda clone from 70cc to 110cc



I have a custom moped I built with a 70cc Loncin 4 stroke Honda clone engine and I also have a Loncin 4 stroke 110cc Honda clone engine laying around.. I just discovered there is a hole in the valve cover on the 70cc so my question is, can I either put the 110cc valve cover on the 70cc or what I would really like to do is put the 110cc head on the 70cc engine..


So is it possible to put the 110cc head on the 70cc engine?

I know I'll have to change the piston and possibly the rod but is it possible to do the head swap in the first place and if so what all do I need to do?..

You will spend just as much on a big bore kit and a head as you would on a complete 110 motor. Just buy the motor and bolt it in. 

I already have the 110cc head though, The engine that is on the bike is a 70cc Honda clone and I have a good 110cc Honda clone engine, but the 110 has a clutch and the 70cc doesn't so I want to use the 110cc head on my 70cc block.. Can I do this? If I can what all do I have to use out of the 110cc engine?


So far I know I have to use;

-The 110cc piston & rings.

-Carburator off the 110cc engine.

-Head, of course.

-110cc CDI.


Do I use the 110cc piston rod and crankshaft?

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