Crf 450

I just bought an 04 crf 450 it is my first Honda and its my first bike.... The bike runs good but when its idling it makes a sound like its pushing air back through to the air filter I have Ben lookin and havnt found anyone talking about anything like this .... Any input would help thanks

If it's running good don't worry. It's normal sound of air being drawn through the carb slide.

Ok thats good to hear.. Thanks

My 04 will make that noise as well. One thing to consider, often while at the track, or with your helmet on you will not hear some of the normal noises, when you are checking out your bike in the garage without a helmet or background noises there seems to be more "unusual" noises.

CRF450 for a first bike - yikes !!!

CRF450 for a first bike - yikes !!!


That was my first thought as well ;)

Yea I never thought of that thanks ... Its my first bike but iv Ben racin quads for quit a while

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