That's cute. worth a try for the price. Make sure you mount it where it won't break off.

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There's been a couple members, I think, that got an analog tach working on the DRZ.  You need to either tap into the coil signal (1 pulse per rev) or the pulsed signal from the stator to CDI (IIRC 8 pulses per rev).  I think a few have unsuccessfully tapped into the coil signal (low voltage swing and very,very short pulse).


Seems like the standard answer is either get a Vapor dash or one of those "digital tiny tachs".  However, I prefer an analog gauge (easier to read, smooth sweep, responds quick to RPM changes).  Mostly I don't like the lag with those digital tachs, the Vapor would be better because it has sweeping set of lines indicating RPM.  Whereas the tiny tach just has numbers that get refreshed quickly so it's hard to read RPM when its increasing.  I think the tiny tachs are meant more for displaying RPM at steady states (not transient).

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Yeah , I use the hour meter / tach as a guide only . i have a works connection unit on my CRF450 . It seems consistent at low to mid RPM only .

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