Fuel line question / Acerbis 4.1 Tank

I just upsized from the 3.2 IMS to the 4.1 Acerbis tank because I'm tired of carrying the extra gallon on most every trip. My assumption is that the gas is fed by gravity only therefore if there is a loop or upward swing in the fuel line it won't flow well once the gas level drops signficantly. To combat that I was considering making a back to back Y fitting instead of the 4 way cross connector which came with the kit to tie in the added fuel lines. It would also allow me to route the left side tighter to the body decreasing the chance of getting snagged or hit by my leg.

If there is some type of centrifical flow generated this is a mute point. Before I go through the trouble of fabricating one up I thought I'd pose the question.

I have the Acerbis 4.2 on my bike now.  I ditched the 4 way tee that come with it and used two brass 3 way tee's to connect the "wings" of the tank to the main line before the carb but after the stock petcock.  I used the stock hoses for the center portion to the main petcock.  Also, you can't run the right side fuel line in front of the head or the header will melt the line :shocked:  Using the routing I did, both lines from the wings are nearly horizontal with very little rise.


I haven't had a chance to fully drain the wings of the tank during riding, so I can't say how well they'll feed till empty, but I know it'll run fine the way I have it mounted now with .5 gallon in the tank. 


Hope that helps.

The wings hold almost no fuel, like 5 miles a side. I leave the tank petcocks off and run on reserve most of the time. I can run 140 miles before I run out and need to use the wings. I empty the left side and ride the 5 miles until I run out. Then I open the right petcock, lay the bike on it's left side until the right wing is drained, and then close the right petcock.


It's a little annoying but I've only come that close twice.

Both great tips. I appreciate it. I'm surprised how similar it is in size with the IMS 3.2. The only thing that is concern with the design is that the petcocks appear pretty exposed if you dump it in rocks.

Good stuff I appreciate it.

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