kawasaki 3 wheeler cam

My 85 klt160 camshaft intake lobe is wore below the min. The cam is obsolete but a cam from an 86 klt185 is available. Will it fit and if so, are the cam lobes ground the same?

Well doing a bit of part number crossing/searching and p/n's are different and don't cross so that would indicate to me that "something" is different.  It may fit but the grind might be different or it may not fit as the bearings might be different.  I would give it a shot if the cam is cheap enough. And if the overlap and valve timing are not radically different it will run and possibly have a bit better performance.

Well, picked up a klt160 cam well within spec. Now just need gaskets, seals and piston rings and ill be back in business.

Here is my 3 wheeler as of now


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