Grand junction ride Sunday or Monday?

Hey in grand junction area this holiday weekend just wondering if anyone wants to ride, show me around. I consider myself a intermediate/advance rider looking for some challenging trails. let me know if anyone's going out.

Normally, that is an offer that would get my and other folks attention.


This last week, though, the thought of putting on a helmet when it is 97 degrees starts to blur the line between fun and torture.


In a couple of weeks, if you are back down, ask again.

Let me know next time your in the area, im usually always available. Would have hit you up yesterday if I had seen this.

Yea iv been riding up on some trails by orchard Mesa no service, but yea I will be hear today leaving tomorrow. Actually I will be moving hear around November just came here to check it out and man it's beautiful so much riding hunting fishing ect..

Let me know when you move here ill be down for riding, aslong as theres no snow.

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