What's the target weight/size range for a 250f?

I've always felt a little small on my 250f and I'm just wondering what the optimal weight and height is for a 250f I'm 5 feet 4 inches tall and weigh 130 pounds, I'm just asking this so I know when I'll actually start to feel big enough for the bike

Actually you are perfectly fine. I would go to racetech.com website>>>  http://racetech.com/VehicleSearch choose your vehicle and then on the next page choose spring calculator . With the right springs and sag you can ride any bike you want.

All of the bigger bikes are roughly the same in height. I'm 6 feet 6 inches tall and weight about 170 pounds. It just all depends on your suspension, springs, sag, etc.

You have a big advantage being light. As the guys said, check your springs vs recommendations online. My guess is your springs are too heavy for you, unless you are really fast. Also consider a lowering link. It doesn't just lower the bike, it helps the back feel more planted and improves cornering. It also lets you raise the forks by a few mm.

I have noticed that me being light has helped me out on drags up the straightaway but my corner speed really suffers since I can't really muscle the bike around like I'd like to be able too, I'll look into my spring rates

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