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Torn ACL and some other stuff that doesn't sound good either

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Well it looks like I'm going to have to get surgery on my knee . . . pretty sure I tore ACL about a year and a half ago based on what I discussed with the Sports Med doc.  Started wearing braces and thought it was getting better, then hurt it again back in January, went in but my general doc just felt around and told me to rub dirt in it and it should get better.  Got tired of it being weak and holding me back and got a referral to Sports Med about a week ago.  10 minutes in and the doc was telling me what was wrong and scheduling xrays and MRI, and telling me I'd need surgery.  I've listed the results below.  Going in for a consultation with the surgeon next week, not sure when the surgery will be scheduled. 


Any key things that I should talk to the doc about, do to prepare, etc?  Hoping to get the surgery done soon and get back to doing what I love to do as soon as possible.  Figure I'll try to use this time to focus on getting some good habits around health, excercise, nutrition, etc, seeing that I'll be in PT, I'm hoping to create some long lasting good habits. 




CLINICAL HISTORY: Reason: status post injury 7 months ago with
residual instability. Exam consistent with acl grade III.

Knee radiographs from 8/19/2013

TECHNIQUE: Sagittal proton density, PD fat saturated; Coronal T1,
STIR and axial T2 images acquired.

Small joint effusion is present.

There is complete detachment of the proximal ACL fibers from femoral
origin compatible with grade 3 injury.

PCL is intact.

There is vertical longitudinal tear involving the posterior horn of
the lateral meniscus. There is also abnormal morphology of the
posterior horn of the medial meniscus with abnormal signal contacting
the inferior articular surface and globular signal in the posterior
aspect compatible with meniscal tear and contusion.

There is contusion of the posteromedial tibial plateau with
associated trabecular microfractures.

5-mm in focus of low signal medial to the intercondylar groove may
represent a loose body.

No focal cartilaginous defects.

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