need DR350 help?

Hello new to the forum here. I recently obtained a 92 DR350 dual sport for a tracker project im building. I just need a few things explained since this bike has a lot of things i havnt seen before. For starters i have a new tank im using instead of the stock one wich has a standard petcock. on my DR350 theres a "black box" that has a line running out of it to the other side of the stock tank. Do i cap this line off? or run it somewhere else? thanks for any help. If some one could explain what this mysterious black box thing is that  would also help. Thnaks again.

The black box should be an evaporative canister that traps fumes from the fuel system when you shut down the motor. I took mine off when I put an oversize Clarke gas tank on my DR350S 1990 model.

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