Shifting issues!

So i just put on my new Renthal Sprockets and chain on my 2012 KTM 300SX. But when i went to ride the bike the gears seemed really weird!! I could shift down as many times as possible and sometimes the i couldn't shift up even if i was only in 3rd or 4th gear but then after a minute or two it would let me shift up! I am not mechanically inclined so ill need some help recognizing the issue, i can surely find a way to fix it once i realize the problem! But i have no idea what the hell the problem is!!

changing sprockets wouldn't mess up yours gears lol,  the shifters tight on the shift shaft? that's all I can think of. im sure you've already checked that tho. 

Take a look at your countershaft sprocket, make sure its installed properly (its directional). If you take the chain off, you shouldn't be able to move the sprocket in and out, there should be no play.

I don't know how the sprocket install could cause an issue, but there is nothing else which could cause this issue unless you damaged the shifter return system at the same time as the sprocket change. Your issue is a classic shifter issue on the 250/300's, the shifter claw gets worn and it just doesn't have enough leverage anymore to make gear changes.

is your chain too tight causing excess tension on the counter shaft?

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