will honda/yama/suzuki hubs fit my ktm? inspection reasons..

who wants to buy DOT tires and get them put on just to pass inspection? no one. i'll be doing 90% trail riding anyway and she's just tagged so i can cross roads legally from trail to trail. my friends with honda/yamaha...ect DS's have DOT tires on their hubs. would i be able to swap hubs to use their tires to get me through inspection? i have an 03 ktm 450exc,


any help appreciated, THANKS!

Most likely they won't fit. Check out the Dunlop D606 or the Pirelli MT21. Both are dirt worthy DOT knobbies that last a long time on the tarmac. I've got about 1,100 miles on my 606 and am getting ready to replace it soon.


There are some good knobbies that are DOT, most Pirelli are. I run a scorpion pro and a MT43 trials on my plated WR450, they're both DOT approved. I think even the scorpion XC is DOT

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