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Need help with a XR650L

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I'm the original owner of a 2006 XR650L.  I had some headwork done because I had a valve seat loosen up on me and when I put the motor back together I installed a HotCam.  Ever since my bike starts and idles great.  As long as I don't open the throttle past 1/4 it purrs.  Once I open the throttle past 1/4 I start to get a sporadic sputter.  I originally thought I may be running lean so I up the jet sizes (both main and pilot jets) and that didn't help.  I then thought maybe it's an electrical issue so I swapped both the CDI and coil from my friends 650L, that wasn't it either.  I have pulled the smog equipment, done all of "Dave's Mod's" to the carb and added a WB E2 exhaust.  I have read posts on this site and others from people who have installed a HotCam  with similar mods who had great success.    My next guess would be the stock CV carb not being sufficient but replacing it with a Flat Slide carb is a little costly right now.  Does anyone have any ideas as to what my issue may be from?

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