need a new battery

well the factory battery in my 2003 DRZ400E has finally just went dead even with the battery tender on it. So i think this is the correct OEM part correct? YT7B-BS YT7B-4

i did a quick Google search and found this battery for under thirty dollars? Could that be right? last battery i bought was for my 2005 King Quad 700 and that was almost ninety dollars...... and anyone use this place they seem good on price and shipping since i cant find the battery local here in NJ..............

you get what you pay for but...


add the acid in the listed procedure...add it...let it sit for 30 minutes, top off to proper level, then slow charge for about 10 hours


I used to charge our 10K amp batteries on our submarine so I do have some real experience


initially charge it right and it will either last about 2 weeks or several years (sometimes you get junk but sometimes that junk can be OK)


I did get a new battery for the DRZ from CycleGear that has a lifetime warranty, was like $99 I think


I have the year old Yuasa sitting in my garage, thought the battery was bad but it was the stator/rectifier


I dont even know if I can sell it because it has acid and I think that is a shipping nono

I believe that battery already has the acid in it when it's shipped.  Battery Mart ships using UPS.  No mater what they say, charge it when you get it.  If you call Battery Mart, they can sell you a 120 CCA battery of the same size.

well the two i was looking at were both factory sealed batteries so no acid is added. And yes i would always charge it before i install it but i NEVER had a problem with my stock battery until last month when it just died completely. So i do see spending over a hundred dollars when my stock battery never gave me an issue....... besides I'm going to put my poor DR up for sale, with the growing problem of not being able to ride in NJ anymore i just cant keep both the DR and my RMZ any longer..............

I recomend the new lithium  batteries as they weigh less than a pound...good way to shave some weight of the piggee....I have  MOTY designs and never have had a problem.

I use a $15 SLA 7 amp hour battery. I have had one in my bike for over 4 years and has never failed me. It's a stock drz with a gps running off of it.

No mater what they say, charge it when you get it.


This. The initial charge is the key to making the battery last.

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The stock number you posted is the Yuasa battery number. Anything you buy that is not Yuasa is only referencing the Yuasa part number for replacement purposes. Yuasa batteries are expensive by comparision. The cheaper batteries may be okay. Choice is yours. Your original battery lasted longer then most.

Just a quick and early recommendation for the Shorai LFX14, but it's about $132.

I can't believe how the bike spins over with 210CCA, vs 85 or so and the box comes complete ready to install.


My options were the expensive and heavy zt10, the old yt7 or a Chinese batt, which is what I was replacing after 2.5years of almost constant issues. I missed about 3-4 rides over that battery!! And that REALLY pisses me off!!

If the Shorai stands up well I'll be using them in several other contraptions I have to maintain.


Like my ol Dad says......get the right tool, because you'll quickly forget the extra money spent and if you get the poorer quality tool, you'll forever be unhappy and frustrated by it!!

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i bought the bike brand new and installed a battery tender junior, and the stock one finally kicked the bucket. He$$ even my 2001 Suzuki QuadMaster 500 still has the stock batter and it has a 2k Warn winch that i use all the time

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