Show us your Bike Transitions growing up/Most intense transition

So, I Just ended up getting my hands on a 2002 CRF450r. Here's my transition.

1984 YZ80    Year:2000

1988 XR100   Year: Year 2004

1989 KX125    Year: Year 2006

2003 YZ250f   Year:2013

2002 CR250r  Year:2013

2002 CRF450r Year 2013


I'm 20 years old and have had these bikes, anyways I just have to say moving on to a 450 is alot harder than I expected. The 5 year gap of not riding and than getting a 250f is nothing compared to going from my 250 smoker to this 450. My 250 smoker was a fast bike I will not lie, and it was a ton of fun, but the 450 has some gnarly torque! I've only had it for a couple of days, but wow theres just power in every single part of every gear, and it responds so well to any situation!


On the other hand, my 250 smoker was alot more fun, I felt like I was actually in control. This 450 makes me feel like im her BEE EYE TEE CEE AYCH. How long did it take for you guys to get comfortable on a 450? Jumping and cornering are a completely different playing field from 250's that's for sure.

Raptor 660

Mine look more like a mountain. 100cc to 660cc to 450cc to 400cc to 250cc to 125cc

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Raptor 660





Mine look more like a mountain. 100cc to 660cc to 450cc to 400cc to 250cc to 125cc

I raced and when I was 15 I sold my. 99yz250 to my brother cuz I got a 02yz250. (It was in 03 cuz I'm 24 now) he went from a crf50 pitbike to a yz250 2t. I let him ride my yz80(01, and i had a 99. I raced minis and when I turned 16 I raced the 250) anyways he rode my 80 once and then tried his 250. He did good. He still has that 250 to this day and it's his secondary bike(99, 2011 yz250)

I was born 1985.

  • 1988--Honda 70cc four wheeler
  • 1990--Suzuki 80 four wheeler
  • 1993--Blaster 200 four wheeler
  • 1996--Banshee 350 (yes, my I could ride a Banshee faster than most weekend warriors on the Oregon dunes)
  • 1998--sold all bikes, bought $600.00 1987 CR80
  • 1998--brother crashes said CR80, totalled it
  • 2002--saved up, bought 1995 KDX 200
  • 2004--bought 1999 CR500
  • 2007--2006 Gas Gas 300
  • 2010--2011 KTM 300

The biggest transition was from the Blaster to the Banshee, even bigger difference between the KDX 200 and CR 500 because the Banshee could climb anything on the dunes whereas the Blaster held me back from doing so much on the dunes.  I was capable of riding the KDX and CR in through the same terrain, but the CR500 was a much more aggressive, funner bike of course. 

Rode a bunch of 1hp hayburners... buckskin quarter, arab, thoroughbred...

...buckin bulls in college...

then snowmobile (RMK 900)

then moto (KTM 525) to keep me in shape for snowmobile thorugh teh summer

Blew up my 900, part'd out, now on a Pro 800.  Love that sled.

1971-2012  Never ridden a bike with a motor.

2012-2013  KTM 300 XC-W

2004 tt-r125L

2004 crf-250x

2006 yz250

2002 xr80(first bike)

2000 kx100

2002 CR250




04 pw80

02 xr100

07 crf230

04 kx250f

04 125sx

13 150xc

as you can see the kxf made me want a 2 stroke lol

pw50 ->kx500

2003 xr 100

1997 300ex

2003 cr 85

2003 crf 150

2006 kx 100

2002 yz 125

2005 rm 125

2006 yz 125

2013 yz 250f -- current

All this in the last 3 summers. Since I got this new bike my list will be on hold for quite a while.

never ridden-crf450r

XR70 - 2001

XR100 - 2000

TTR125L - 200?

XR200R - 1999

XR440R - 1996

XL350 - 1986

CR500 - 1986 (Current Ride)

CB750 Nighthawk - 1992 (Current Ride)

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01 xr50

03 kx65

05 kx85 112 supermini

07 yz125

2013 yz250-current

Began with my aunt's 70 something palomino. 


At 4 I got my own 70 something quarter horse.

(became a babysitter of sorts - put me on and turned us loose).


Switched from four legs to four wheels in the third grade with an 86 Suzuki 80.  


The lawnmower when the 4 wheeler wouldn't start.

(My cousin and I even tried hill climbing)


In high school my dad's Honda 76 MR 175 (exactly like in the pic)


Briefly a very old and very heavy Can-Am


96 CR250 (the one stolen by the police)


99 YZ400


Rented a Chinese Yumbo for a day to ride around in Nicaragua.


02 WR250 that is currently in a thousand little parts and will hopefully be back together soon

Keep the 2 stroke so you have something to ride when the valves are toast on the CRF

79 DS 80

83 Honda XL 125

87 YZ 80

89 KX 125

03 YZ 125

04 YZ 450

05 KX 250 (2 stroke)

1971 honda ct70(my fathers first bike that he kept and then handed down to me)

2001 ttr 125l

1997 dr200se

I own all 3 of them to this day and i am starting to restore the ct70, it was an odd change from the honda to the yamaha

Always hated bikes in grade school and had a Polaris Trail Boss. It wasnt until after the Navy and after i got blown up that i started riding bikes mainly because my left hand is messed up and quads were rattling my hand too much and it was hard to hold on and i like the manuveralbility of the bikes. Ive also owned numerous sleds and am absolutely crazy on one.


Trail Boss (yr unkown)

08 TRX 450r

10 YZ250f

04 CR 250r

04 CRF450r



Im the type of person that is very good with throttle input so the 450 doesnt seem so outrageously powerful to me compared to the 250s. Its nice being able to have all that power on the track to use when you have a bunch of 250 guys in your class. I want to buy a brand new bike in the spring and it will most likely be a KTM. Prices for one arnt too much higher than the regular 4 mfg's and its well worth the extra money

My first couple steps were big ones


Rode a Honda Trail 50 from when I was 5 until 12.


Then I got a YZ80 that I rode untill 14. Big change from the little 4 stroke 50 mini bike.


Then at 14 I outgrew the 80 and moved on to a PE400. The bike was my Dads that he had sitting around and didn't use, it had scared him. Since I was too big for the 80 I rode the 400. I learned full respect for throttle control. That bike could climb anything. 

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