R&d power bowl 2

For this part do you have to get the r&d fuel screw or will other fuel screws work with it?

Any fuel screw works however... I would not rec. using an alloy one. Brass ort stainless steel. Also, make sure you have room under the carb to fit the screw.


Lastly, I would save your money on the float bowl, other than your wallet being lighter, you will not notice any change.

ok thx funny tho i read so many different opinions on this!

If its made from this 

  • Machined from 6061-T6 aluminum 

not good to use?

I am usin a titanium one

ya lot of riders lot of opinions lol

any problems with ur alloy one?

None, my only problem with my bike is i keep ruinin my cyl head due to oil starvation . We are tryin to solve this

For this part do you have to get the r&d fuel screw or will other fuel screws work with it?

Get the flexjet.     Its the easiest and most convenient to use.

yeah I second the flexjet....nice to be able to make quick adjustments depending on the weather...

It looks so long and dangly tho lol

its a knuckle saver, a few quick clicks and you are runnin better. Just need to carry a AFR to dial it in properly before you ride...


I have a Innovate LM2 AFR with RPM display. 

Nice my hour meter shows the rpms too well if the fuel screw I ordered dont work I no what ill get.

plan you upgrades to what you need, not what you think you want...I did that and i had a bike i was scared to ride.


Now i think about my weaknesses and strengthen those with nice upgrades, not making the exception the rule. Example, I ordered the rekluse kit for my 12 SXF FE and i have it sitting in its box collecting dust for when i was practicin on the track i kept killing the engine on tight turns.However, where i ride 90% of the time i seldom kill the engine. That is taking the exception and making it the rule...


If i wanna prove a point and race, i will install the rekluse and kick their butts. But since i am more off the track than on, i dont need the rekluse, not even for my wife whom i taught to use the clutch... May just buy her the lowering kit for the 200xcw is a tad bit high for her...

Ya makes sense I'm just buying the little stuff cause I'm never gonna pipe it cause it is an fmf pipe anyway.

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