XR650L Moose Rebuild Kit Question

The mixture screw on my 2005 XR650L vibrated out while on a ride.  I ordered the Moose Carb Rebuild kit and it came with all of the parts I need to replace it.  My question, could the original O-ring and washer still be seated up in the carb?  I'd prefer to re install the mixture screw without taking apart my whole carb to check.  So basically, if the mixture screw backed out like it did, would the spring washer and oring have falled out as well, or could it still be up there.  Any clever ideas how to check, other than just running a tiny hook up there to try and pull out an oring that could be stuck up there.  Thanks guys!

I think I know who this guy is.  And I'm probably the reason why the idle mixture screw vibrated out.


Have any of the rest of you ever heard of the idle mixture screw vibrating out of the carburetor other than because somebody "forgot" to put the spring in?


I was sure that I put all of the parts back in there, but just maybe somehow missed the spring.


(We discussed this by phone a few days ago.)

The mixture screw falling out..is something due to either not screwed in far enough and no spring pressure,,or the spring missing...


The chances of the washer or spring still being there is slim to none,and slim left town..


Get a mirror and look in with a flashlight........



Either way.just turning the carb sideways is all you`d need to do to see if everything is gone :thumbsup:



And Scott............smarten up :devil: .........just kiddin



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The mixture screw falling out..is something due to either not screwed in far enough

I know for a fact that it was screwed in 2.25 turns when I last touched it.  Must have left the spring out. :(


My father used to have a little sign hanging up in his business: "Misteaks made while you wate".

I wish I had that now. B)

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