Going to go look at a 2004 CR250 tonight

I am going to go look at and hopefully get to see how this bike is tonight. A 2004 Honda CR250. hopefully the bike is in decent shape. Don't want to have to do all the work to it that I have done on my 79 CR250R, that bike is the money pit and parts are difficult.. Still a fun bike to ride..

Make sure you look the bike over extremely well. The best way to avoid another money pit is to look at it very closely before you buy it!  1st step as a buyer, point out all the things that are wrong with it so you have a reason to negotiate a lower price. I know that sounds bad but used dirt bikes ALWAYS need a ton of work to them to make them mechanically sound. MOST people do not maintain their bikes properly.


Ask the seller as many questions as you can think of about the maintenace on the bike and what has and hasnt been touched on the bike. Look at all the bolt heads for tool marks, especially on the engine.


Anytime I see a used bike for sale, I look at the selling price and then add another 500-1000 dollars to it; then i decide if its going to be worth it.


Do a search for 2002-2004 engine failures and or things to look out for on those models. It will be worth your time!

I like to walk around the bike eyeing what it will need to make it "right". I total all those parts needed up in my head as I do the walk-around. Then, with the purchase price added in, I decide whether it's going to be worth it or not. It's easy this way when you can see what is wrong with it..


Internal problems with the crankshaft, or transmission, that can't easily be seen are the ones that can eat up some of your cash instantly. Not knowing about these types of issues until after you purchase is a bummer.


Look for original plastics.If the bike still has the original plastics and they are in decent shape, most likely the bike has not been ridden all that much, and hopefully not ridden hard. As stated above, inquire about maintenance on the bike and if they kept records. Ask if they have a spare air filter. For me, an owner that has a 2nd air filter is usually the type that will change the filters more often. If they are good about staying on top of the air filters, they are probably good at the other maintenance as well.


Check the chain & sprockets for wear. When I see a bike that has worn chain & sprockets, it's a dead give-a-way that the owner was not concerned with keeping the bike up. It's so easy, and inexpensive, to change the chain & sprockets there is no reason not to do it. Also check brake pads for wear. Pads that are down almost to metal are another sign of someone lax on maintenance.


The CR250's are awesome bikes. There really are not that many major mechanical issues that you ever hear about them experiencing.

Thanks will do!!!

so how is the '04?

bought it, or passed on it?

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