drz400sm charging problem

hey guys i need your help my drz400sm 2006 have a problem in charging system so i change the battery + stator + rectifier with no luck i checked the wiring everything was perfect all conctor was good i checked the voltage in the battery with multi meter it was 12.7V when the bike was running . so can anyone help me from where i start or what i do . best regards

Start from the beginning all over again.  Go to FAQ and follow the procedure on electrical troubleshooting.  It pretty much tells you to do what you have already done but you missed something.  The tests will tell you if the generating system is generating power.  If it is, then it is a question of where is the power going.


Find and inspect the connector between the battery and the fuse holder.  Look at the fuse holder.  Replace the fuse.  Clean and tighten the battery terminals.  Read up on "Free POwer" mod and consider doing that.  I recommend it in all cases.

I had this issue and it was a loose/bad connection on the 2 wire rectifier plug. Hard wired I and BAM she's a charging again!

thanks alot i found the problem it was bad connection in the 2 wire rectifier plug .and i did the free mod . thanks alot

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