Anyone have a lowered WR250F in SoCal I can sit on?

Ok so not me, but my dad is considering getting a WR but it sits higher than he'd like. Just wondering if anyone local might have one with some lowering options done (factory, link, seat). He wants to see if it feels right after it has been lowered. We're in OC.

There are no 'factory' option to lower a WR250F. The correct way to do it is to have the shock and forks internally shortened. To get an idea how much you want to lower it, place a stack of blocks (2X4's for example) on the floor until they reach the height you like. That will tell you how much you want it lowered. Be sure to do this in riding boots and realize if you are an inexperienced rider, your tendency will be to excessively lower it. So your test should result it bareley being able to toch your toes to the blocks. It is critical the correct sag is calculated in too for your weight.

I like the idea of the blocks - good call. He can already touch his toes on both feet but he hasn't been on a bike in 30 years so this makes him nervous. I've seen 2 aftermarket seats for 3/4" and 1". Also seen a 1" lowering link. The 3/4" seat is supposedly more comfortable than stock and I like the idea of the link since I can always remove it once he's more comfortable. Ill suggest the block idea too him and hopefully that'll be good enough.

My sisters 2007 WR250 is for sale right now. Lowered an inch...or 1.5" I can look.  Done the right way internally by a pro shop.


I dunno if you are looking new or used or what.....  Its in Anaheim.  You can just come sit on it if you want.

I was on my tip toes on my stock bike. Installed a Devol lowering link and put a Guts Racing Comfort Style seat on it. I sit pretty much flat footed now.

Nevermind.  We went back today and once it wasn't tucked in between other bikes he felt much better about the height.  Ended up buying it.  Thanks though.

You mentioned 2 lower seat options - what are they?


On my DRZ400e I put a Suzuki Gel Seat (lower than stock by an inch or so) and the height is now perfect.  My suspension guy can internally shorten the WR250F fork/shock annch for $240ish but I'd like to try a lower seat first if possible so I can retain my ground clearance/maybe the new seat will be more comfortable ha. 


Thanks for the information already shared in this thread!

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