XR650R -- Right Side Crankcase Cover Not Going On

Hey folks,


I'm finishing up a rebuild of my BRP's engine, and I'm trying to replace the right side crankcase cover.  However, it's resisting going on.  The problem seems to be on the right side (as you face the engine), in the neighborhood of the oil pump drive and that tube that carries oil to the filter from deep in the crankcase.  Not sure what's going on here.  Any help is appreciated.  Anyone else ever deal with this before?



In addition to the perimeter bolts, there are two pins that line things up. When you take the cover off one or both of these pins can fall out and into the engine case. They invariably get trapped in some narrow dark area and could be preventing the cover from going back on correctly. Get a bright light and look carefully in all areas of the engine case. They are about an inch and a quarter long, about 1/4" in diameter and black in color. Each has its own hole to fill just like a perimeter bolt.

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in the side cover the little gear that the big gear drives needs to be lined up exactly or it will not go on fully, could this be your issue?

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