Dealer review requested Aomc

I thought I had already posted this but it isn't around, perhaps it isn't Kosher to ask for dealer reviews.

Anyone have experience with Appalachian Offroad MC? I was considering them for the purchase of a bike? Are they able to preliminarily adjust the suspension (heavier springs) or add a couple of farkles at reasonable cost? How much for shipping a 150 miles into Ohio?


Don't you think thoise questions are better answered by the guy responsible (meaning the dealer)? Get it in writing.

They jerked me around on a back orderd part .first i was charged then notified the part was 9 weeks out. I immediately requested to cancel the order and they confirmed .after twe week still no refund .long story short It was not untill I claimed fraud with my bank that they responded. Took over three months . I orderd pard from other vendor and recieved in a few days . I will not do business with them

Just got jerked around by AOMC.  They sell you anything your little heart desires then turn around and order it from somewhere else.  I think their shelves must be barren.  No notification of any backorders or delays at point of purchase, just dead air for weeks.  After reading how difficult the returns process is, I have decided to just wait it out.  Thankfully it was not a part I can't race without.  If I'd have known the glacial speed in which my order would be handled, I would have paid a few dollars more at Dennis Kirk or Rocky Mountain.  NEVER AGAIN!

Unfortunately they used to be good. Now nothing but back orders. Although I will admit the last item I ordered from them was on back order everywhere.

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The lesson here, buy your parts online. Free 3 day shipping and no taxes. 

The lesson here, buy your parts online. Free 3 day shipping and no taxes.

Uh, it is an online place.

Uh, it is an online place.

They sell stuff online, but they are not a strictly online retailer like RockyMtnATV, Motosport, etc...

The lesson here, buy your parts online. Free 3 day shipping and no taxes. 

Will still have to pay taxes for online purchases here in IL.

Apr 15th, form ST-44, 6.25%

Refuse to order anything from them after they screwed around with a 2 different online orders.  Poor customer service.



Check out Ridersville Cycle in WV.  They had the best prices (when I purchased) and great customer service.  They are were I ended up buying my bike after calling around, including contacting AOMC.

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Update.  After 3 weeks, grew weary and called to cancel my TMD skidplate.  The swing arm protector came in a few days ago with very slow and expensive shipping.  Upside is my refund on back ordered part was done in minutes and staff is on top of that.  Downside is that it took 2 weeks and a phone call to find out it was back ordered to begin with.  Take my money when you don't have it?  WTF?  Payed an extra $11 for "free" shipping on Amazon.  Should be here next week.  If I'd have ordered there originally, overall cost would have been about the same AND I'd already have it.  Gave AOMC a shot, don't think they're ready to compete online with the big boys.

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