oil help

i have a 07 rmz 450 with high comp piston hot cams hot rod crank its a four speed with a wet clutch ... ive been putting ams oil in it but i know theres got to be a cheaper oil that will work for it....any recomendations??? thx

shell rotella triple protection 15w40


5 gallon pails at walmart for 70$ (or the smaller jugs to) Been using it for years in 2 and 4 strokes, engine and clutch. Zero problems. It meets the requirements our manuals call for, and is wet clutch safe.


Get an hour meter and change it every 5-10 hours depending how you ride and how much you slip the clutch.

+1 on the Rotella....

awesome thanks.

nectar of the gods

My RMZ loves it!

I also use Rotella, but does anybody think I should be changing it out in any less than 5 hour intervals on an 06 rmz450 with 20 hours?

That oil is fine for 5 hours.

My 2 cents worth is as long as it meets the API designations that the manual calls for its ok.  If clutch action is noticibly different change.  I always ask myself.  Is . "cheap" but meets spec oil when changed more frequently better than the expensive stuff, not changed as often cause we are cheap?  My answer is cheap (meets specs) changed more frequently is better.  Note this philosophy only applies to recreational riders!

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